pediatric care
Bringing Infusion Services to Your Home

With our expertise at Prestige Loving Home Care Agency, patients can have their IV therapy at home. This service is ideal for patients who require regular intravenous (IV) treatments, but instead of traveling to a clinic or hospital, we bring it to their home instead. Our infusion team will work closely with the patient and their physician so that we can deliver the most suitable drug therapies.

Some of the treatments for home infusion therapies include:

  • Antibiotic Therapies,
  • Home IV Gamma Globulin Therapy
  • Aerosolized Respiratory Medication
  • Enteral and Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Hydration Therapies
  • Pediatric Services
  • Individualized Patient Care Services available 24 Hours a Day

To acquire this service, give us a call at 732-565-0898 or 732-543-7045 or Set an Appointment today.

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